Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Churchmouse Publications is a new web-based publishing syndicate created to serve the Christian community. They are seeking creative, well thought-out and well written features to offer their patron groups: 1) periodicals and newspapers; 2) churches and ministries; and 3) faith-based organizations and fellowships.

They have issued an OPEN CALL to new and established Christian authors and creators for submissions in the following areas:

Church Administration & Leadership – We need features covering the following topics:

q Administration – Policies & Procedures

q Church Building Program

q Church Planting

q Connecting With Your Community

q Financial Accountability

q Fundraising Success Stories

q Leadership Qualifications

q Meeting Counseling Needs

q Prison Ministries

q Protecting Your Congregation

Children’s Material – We need a variety of bible-based material for children including:

q Activities & Games

q Coloring & Connect-the-Dot Pages

q Crossword & Word Search Puzzles

q Poems & Prayers

q Quizzes & Trivia

q Skits, Plays & Other Programs

q Bible & Other Stories

Young Adults – We need material geared to young adults, ages 22-35, including:

q Benefits of Multi-generation Churches

q Choosing a Career & Finding a Job

q Finding the Right Church for You

q Online Resources & Communities

q Preparing for Marriage & Family

q Relevant Ministries for Today’s Changing World

q Remaining Steadfast in a Fast-paced Life

q Singleness—Purposeful or Otherwise

To get a copy of Churchmouse Publications most recently updated Submissions Guidelines, please email submissions@churchmousepublications.com. Please review them carefully before you query or submit a feature. Note: Churchmouse prefers to receive queries in the body of your email and submissions as an attached Microsoft Word document. Thank you.

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Sheila Deeth said...

Thanks. I'll try to find out more about them.