Tuesday, August 12, 2008


MEDIA ADVISORY, August 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- After ten years publishing The Wichita Chronicle and later The Chronicle Christian Newspaper, the newspaper will change its name. Effective September 1, 2008 the paper will operate as the Christian Press.

Nearly a year ago the law firm of Vaughn, Winton & Clark of Edmond, Oklahoma, who represent the Church of Christ denominational newspaper The Christian Chronicle, requested The Chronicle Christian Newspaper to cease and desist under its current name. Attorneys claim The Chronicle Christian Newspaper name violates federal trademark law protecting the Oklahoma based denominational newspaper's identity.

"Though the owners of the trademark have no objection to your use of the name The Chronicle, the owners do object to the use of the words Chronicle and Christian together for the designation of a religious news publication because of the confusion created and infringement on the registered trademark," said Matthew Winton of Vaughn, Winton and Clark.

Chronicle attorney's pointed out differences between a denominational publication and the efforts of The Chronicle to reach a broader Christian market.

"Your client's newspaper publication is intended to reach its specific membership, those who are members of the Church of Christ," attorney Lora Jennings of Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace and Bauer wrote in a letter. "My client's monthly publication reaches a wholly separate audience."

The Jones' say after spending much time, energy and money defending the name it was time to move on. The case never went to court.

"As Christians we are cautious about situations which require legal activity," said co-publisher Russ Jones. "We paid a sizeable amount of money for the paper, however, and it was worth defending."

Dr. Aderemi Dozeman, a Christian psychiatrist who lives in Hines, Georgia, was given ChristianPress.com, but never developed the site. Dozeman gave the domain to the Joneses to use for the newspaper.

"After seeing the Oprah story in The Chronicle I believe the Joneses are the people to build christianpress.com for God's glory," said Dozeman.

"Although traumatic, sometimes there is a need for new beginnings," said Jackie Jones. "With this name I believe we are opening new doors while nurture existing relationships."

"A domain like ChristianPress.com is far easier to brand and market than our current name," said Jones. "I'm excited for the potential to grow an already increasing readership. Besides that -- at this time there are no other papers named, Christian Press. It clearly says who we are and what we do."

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Misty Breyer said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was just trying to find The Chronicle Christian online and came across The Christian Chronicle instead. Confusing indeed!