Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Pockets, a print magazine for children does operate with a theme list. Below are their needs for the rest of the year:

September 4 deadline: Honesty - Wants to help children understand that honesty is the basis for healthy, trusting relationships in every area of their lives and an essential part of the Christian life.

October 3 deadline: Peer Pressure - Help children identify ways that they can resist temptation while being pressured by their peers.

November 3 deadline: Blessings - What does it mean to receive blessings with gratitude? And what does it mean to offer blessings to those around us?

December 3 deadline: Joy to the World! - Help children begin to understand how Jesus' burth, God's incarnation, is made new to them each advent and Christmas.

Send (by mail only)to: Lynn W. Gilliam, editor; PO Box 340004, Nashville TN 37203-0004. No fax or e-mail submissions. Details in market guide.

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