Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There has been a lot of buzz about the Kindle lately and some of you have been asking what it is exactly. Basically it is an electronic book about the size of a hardback book. It's an Amazon product and a similar one is the Sony E-Reader. The text of a book you want can be sent to you through the air. It appears on the screen and you read it just like you would read a print book. The Kindle has a memory that holds up to 200 full books, and should you ever lose one, Amazon will re-send it to you for free. Books cost $9.99 and up. The Kindle itself costs $349 and relys on cell phone technology. The Sony E-Reader costs a little less and actually has more features. Unfortunately neither of them is able to do graphics. The consensus is that this type of reader is the wave of the future and in a few years most everyone will have one (or something similar)--especially kids who seem to be the first to embrace new technologies.

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