Friday, August 15, 2008


Planning to start a print or online publication? Join the 2,300 magazines and websites who already use The Magazine Manager.

The Magazine Manager is the world's leading web-based magazine management software company integrating and streamlining contact management, ad/order entry, production management, and circulation management accessible from anywhere via the Internet. Reports are flexible and tailored to each client's individual needs.

If you are looking for ways to operate more efficiently, The Magazine Manager is an excellent tool. We have years of experience in magazine management, and the software is not an expense, it is a savings. One of the biggest costs in your company is the bill you don’t see for wasted manpower and inefficient operations. It’s hidden in your payroll.

It is estimated that in a ten person company, The Magazine Manager will save you an average of $25,000 per year. The Magazine Manager serves over 2,300 magazines and websites with our numbers increasing each month.

Let us help your work smarter not harder. The Magazine Manager is a tool that can help you achieve success.

The Magazine Manager would like to welcome the following new clients:

417 Magazine
American Marketing Association
Clear Publications
Community Impact
Conley Publishing
Florida Sun Magazine
Institute for Church and Family
M Magazine
Movmnt Magazine
Natural Awakenings
New England Business
Nexzus Publishing
Phoenix Bride and Groom
Pike Media Partners
Portland Family
Premier Media Group
San Antonio Magazine
Showcase Publishing
The Players Club
Town Dish
Tucson Lifestyle Magazine
Valley Response
Vixta Magazine
Voice of the Diabetic
Wallace Media

The Magazine Manager pricing begins at $144/month. Set up fees and training varies. Periodic updates and enhancements are available at no cost to you. Tech support is available through our help desk.

For a FREE demo, please visit our website ( contact Cyndy Ryan, National Sales Manager toll free at (877)256-0362.

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