Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Catholic University of America Press, 620 Michigan Ave. N.E., Washington DC 20064.202-319-5052. Fax 202-319-4985;; David J. McGonagle, editor; submit to James Kruggel. Works of original scholarship and works intended for the college/university classroom in various fields, including theology and religious studies. No mss through agents. No reprints. Prefers 200-300 pages. Royalty 10% on net; no advance. Guidelines (also by e-mail/Website); free catalog. Query first; no phone/fax/e-query.

Company B Publishing, E-mail: Website: Submit to Editor. POD publisher that does not
charge for production of book. Agent not necessary. Royalty 8% of retail; no advance. Responds in 4-6 weeks. Guidelines on Website. Open to most topics. Fiction and nonfiction: Use online submission form. All books also available as e-books. Author retains all subsidiary rights. Marketing is up to the author.

Evangelical Press, PO Box 825, Webster NY 14580. Toll free phone/fax 866-588-6778;; Submit to Book Editor. Committed to the dissemination of biblical Christianity throughout the world in numerous languages; and to support local Christians in local churches to live lives that glorify God. No manuscripts through agents. Does print on demand. No reprints. Royalty on net; no advance.Guidelines by e-mail or Website; free catalog. Nonfiction: Query,proposal/2 chapter/complete manuscript; phone/e-query OK.

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