Friday, August 15, 2008


Melody of the Heart is back up online and available to readers. It has received many positive comments and notes already.

Regular columnists: Randy Brown [Missouri], Elece Hollis [Oklahoma], Lavon Lewis [Oklahoma], Glenda Schoonmaker [Arizona], Nanette Snipes [Georgia], and Eileen Zygarlicke [North Dakota].

Melody of the Heart has two different contests going on right now. One is an essay contest on the topic of "Everyday Miracles." The second is to find the Heart Joy Bell hidden on one page with a drawing of all the correct entries for a gift card.

Fron editor/publisher: I am looking for freelance writers for the departments open to them for upcoming issues. And yes, I do pay writers -- I wish it could be more, but I do pay something. I strongly feel that it is important to give payment to writers and not expect them to donate their work. ". . . the laborer is worthy of his [her] hire" or as the NIV states: ". . . for the worker deserves his wages." (Luke 10:7) I believe God for the funds. He supplies writing, editing, or art jobs that pay and I use that money to pay writers for the magazine.

Departments open to freelancers include: Cook's Corner (recipes and stories that go with them), Heart-Stirring Reviews (books, movies, music, new products), How Do I? (how-to articles on wide variety of topics), Life Steps (Ordinary people doing quietly extraordinary things), Personality Profiles (not necessarily well-known people), Poetic Hearts (under 20 lines), Winning Hearts (Compelling stories of unique ways of reaching others with the Gospel), Fillers ( Tips (for home, family, marriage, etc.), Ideas, clean jokes, funny kid sayings, very short inspirational insights). I will also be using very short fiction 3 times per year [ 750 - 1000 words].

To clarify the process: Please No phone calls or submissions by postal mail or fax. ALL submissions must come via the Submission Form at the site. Remember that this is an Electronic Magazine -- online only (for now!). There are 3 pages of guidelines for writers at the magazine's web site. You must study all three pages of the guidelines thoroughly before you will find the link to the Submission Form. I did that on purpose hoping against hope that writers will read the guidelines. Also read the content currently in the magazine to help you best target your writing. It is your job to target your submission to the (1) Magazine's general focus; (2). The specific Theme (for an upcoming issue) that you chose on the Submission Form; and (3) the specific Department you are targeting. And Please - do not submit several articles/fillers and ask me to choose one for the theme/issue/department to which you are submitting. I feel that is not doing your job as a writer and it makes my work as the editor more difficult.

I'm asking that writers please use the FORMS to communicate with me on questions about the magazine. Use the Connections Page form to send comments, make suggestions, ask questions, submit links for review to be included on the Linking Hearts page, etc. There are forms for advertisers, forms for subscribing to the Melody Mailer (bi-weekly email newsletter), a form for submitting writing and queries, forms for prayer requests and praise reports and one for applying to be on the Prayer Team, forms for entering the contests, and more.

I hope you visit and take a look. I believe you'll find something to inspire and help you through your day. I also believe that many of you have work that can work for Melody of the Heart and I encourage you to study the guidelines, the content, and submit.

Check it out!

To view the Flash Welcome Page, then click into the magazine: Melody of the Heart Welcome Page

To skip the welcome page and go directly to the Front Page of the magazine: Melody of the Heart Online Magazine

In His Everlasting Arms,

JoAnn Reno Wray
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