Sunday, April 27, 2008


Good Catch Publishing ( is a small but growing company that publishes stories about the local church. Their motto is “Reaching Your City with Stories from Your Church.” They then produce books of these stories that are used as powerful and effective evangelistic tools. Looking for writers to write these stories. “We find the best stories in a local church and write them in a very dramatic, edgy style that clearly conveys the message of Christ without sounding religious. We’re currently understaffed and need some top-quality writers—even if they are unpublished. Writers are paid and the stories appear in attractive books.” Daren Lindley, CEO. For details, go to Website above.


Lisa Quing said...

I could not get the darenlindley site to load. However, a google search for Good Catch Publishing shows the following site:

Alvin Weasel said...

We just signed a contract to do a book with our church. Wondering if you know anyone that has done a book with Good Catch recently.

Pastor Dobie
Life Church
Omaha, NE