Friday, April 4, 2008


This information comes from Selah Publishing, one of the subsidy publishers listed in the market guide: “Selah, taken from the psalms, means to ‘pause and listen’ and serves as a foundation for our company, encouraging our authors and employees alike to do so. Pause and listen to God’s direction, His Voice. Selah provides all the standard self-publishing services and was one of the first Christian self-publishers to begin printing short runs with the technology of POD so we are completely capable of servicing the needs of any type of author. Though we offer a wide range of publishing options, we frequently encourage our authors to explore the benefits and value of POD. We have not formed a separate brand for our authors who are printing their book with this technology. Our authors, no matter their publishing choices experience the same level of service and care and we feel by creating such a separation, we’d actually be assigning a potentially negative label. At Selah we believe in operating in a way that provides excellent service, high-quality products and a personal publishing relationship with our authors at a cost that goes beyond being ‘competitive’. Our goal is not only to consistently achieve this but also to be upfront and honest in everything we do—being specific about our services, outlining total anticipated publishing costs, and speaking frankly about the industry and author concerns. ‘Publishing with a spirit of excellence’ is our motto and at the heart of what we do day in, day out.”


Jo said...

What a wonderful website! You've provided me with some very practical advice, and I know I'll be visiting you often!
- Jo

A. Danielle Dagba said...

Hi thank you for your blog, but I was wondering do you recommend selah publing company. And I googled it but was not sure which one you are refering to.

Thank you

Danielle Dagba