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Writers' Guidelines

Brainstorming card ideas:

-What have you said to a friend lately, that made them laugh?

-Think of your best friend. What do you want to say to them on their
birthday? What specifically is great about them?

-What do you not understand about teenagers?

-What is the best thing you like about your spouse? How would you say it
to them?

-If your Aunt lost her husband, and you wrote a sympathy note to her,
what would you say?

-What is the best piece of advice your pet would give you?

-Think of a child you know. What would you say to them if they felt

-Think of someone who did something nice for you lately. What would you
say to them?

-If your pet had a voice, what is his opinion about birthdays, specific
holidays or what confuses him about the world?

-Think of someone you love. How can you tell them you love them without
using the word ?love.?

-What have you wanted to scream out loud lately, that seems obvious, but
nobody notices it?

-Who is last person you know that graduated? What advice do you wish you
could give them?

Quotes should be:
Appropriate for a greeting card, bookmark or coffee mug. They must be
less than 20 words, the shorter the better. All work must be original
(by you). Keep a copy of your work. Quotes can be sent year around.

Looking for:
Everyday humor, women?s humor, Pet voices, Birthday, Thank You, Thinking
of you, Miss you, Valentine?s Day, Love, Sympathy, Wedding, Christmas,
Mother?s and Father?s Day.


-Email to: quotesub@aol.com. Subject line: QUOTE SUBMISSION.

-Send submission in "body of email" (Please do not send attachments) .

-Separate each quote by lines of blank spaces, so they are easier to read.

-Send as many quotes as you want.

-Include permanent, long-term contact information (a second email
address, mailing address, phone number).

Writers sometimes send email addresses that expire, and later there is
no way to reach them.

- Payment per quote is $50.

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