Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Q - I sell many reprints. However, if a publisher buys them, that's seldom mentioned in the writers' guidelines. When I e-mail to ask, the response is usually that they do. Do you know why that info isn't offered up in the guidelines?

A - I'm not sure why they don't mention it in their guidelines, but it may be because it's not an important distinction as far as they are concerned. Knowing about those reprint markets is one of the advantages of using the market guide. The listings for each publication indicates whether they accept reprints, and whether you need to indicate where the piece has been published previously. (Some editors want to know--others don't care). Another help is in the topical listings where you look up which publishers are interestd in your topic. There is an "R" after those publications who accept reprints--making it very easy for you to pick out the reprint markets.

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