Saturday, April 12, 2008


Q - How would I benefit from buying the Christian Writers' Market Guide?

A - No there's a question I love to answer! Apparently this comes from someone who has never seen the guide. Here's just a quick rundown of what the guide has to offer:

* A listing of about 450 Christian book publishers, with all the info you need to contact them.

* A listing of almost 700 Christian periodicals with contact information.

* Topical listings in both categories where you can look up the topic of type of material you want to write and it will give you a list of which publishers have said they are interested.

* Similar listings for greeting card, gift items, games, software, video/CD/DVD markets.

* A huge listing of resources for writers, including Websites, books, organizations, etc.

* A listing of Christian literary agents and how to contact them.

* A listing of writers groups and conferences arranged by state.

* A listing of those who provide editorial services--such as editing, evaluations, co-authoring, ghostwriting, writer coaching, etc.

* A listing of contests for writers arranged by genre.

* A listing of publishers and periodicals by denomination, or by corporate group (such as which ones are put out by Christianity Today, etc.)

* Market analysis sections for both book publishers and periodicals.

* A glossary of terms.

Those who are familiar with the guide will tell you that it's a book they keep next to their Bible--one they can't get along without as a Christian writer--and, of course, I wholeheartedly agree. If you're convinced, you can go to to order.

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The HOME Writer said...

If you don't have one of these GET ONE! Besides all the great things Sally mentioned, there's also a CD-ROM included in the back that makes it a breeze to search all the markets. Keep the book by your desk top computer, and put the CD in your laptop case. You'll never be without your Market Guide again!