Friday, March 21, 2008


I also wanted to alert you to an upcoming change for Mount Hermon. For the last few years, Mount Hermon has held a mentoring clinic in the fall, but that won't be happening in 2008. In its place there will be a "head-start" mentoring clinic offered during the two days prior to the regular spring conference. The dates for 2009 will be April 1-2 (conference is April 3-7). This session is especially geared to the beginning writer. (The mentoring clinics offered during the regular conference are geared to intermediate or more advanced writers.) You will meet with a maximum of 9 other writers and a professional mentor. You will be required to submit a sample of something you are writing and be willing to be critiqued in a classroom setting--as well as one-on-one with your mentor. An exciting opportunity for beginning writers. You may attend this head-start session whether or not you plan to attend the regular conference. For details, after December 1, 2008, go to the Mount Hermon Website at:

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