Sunday, March 9, 2008


Q - Does it matter to a publisher if I attend a small church versus a mega-church with over 5,000 members? I love my small congregation of 400 people, but also don't have the advantage of a large congregation to sell to.

A - It really doesn't make a lot of difference (if any) to a publisher. Yes, you might have more potential customers in a large church as well as a few other opportunities, but you're only talking about a few hundred copies at the most. When a publisher is looking at good sales figures, he's thinking in the thousands. Often a publisher will not even know what size congregation you attend. On the other hand, if you do attend a mega-church and they have pledged you support in the way of an autograph party, speaking opportunities, TV or radio exposure (if they have their own programs),promotion within the denomination, etc., you can certainly list those in the marketing section of your book proposal.

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