Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Q - As an experienced magazine writer, I don't need info on how to break in. I need info on what, in your opinion, are the three Christian magazine markets that pay writers the most and treat them the best.

A - That's a question I've been asked many times, so in response, I have come up with what I canll the "Top 50 Christian Periodical Publisher's Packet." At the prompting of questions like this I decided to come up with a scoring system for periodicals to determine which ones are the most "writer-friendly." They pay well, buy mostly first and reprint rights, send contributor's copies, etc. The packet includes a list of the top 50 (out of almost 700), a copy of their writers' guidelines, and an analysis sheet on each of the Top 50. There is a blank analysis sheet you can copy to analyze your own favorite publications. This is a must-have respurce for magazine writers or would-be magazine writers. Helps get you right to those top periodicals in all categories. You can order the packet in the bookstore on my Website (www.stuartmarket.com).

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