Wednesday, March 19, 2008


YALSA and readergirlz are inviting YA authors around the world to
participate in an unprecedented teen literacy project.

We are partnering on a second teen literacy project, Operation Teen Book
Drop (TBD), after the success of our 31 Flavorite Authors for Teens program
last October. To build awareness for April 17, 2008, Support Teen Literature
Day, readergirlz and YALSA have organized a massive, coordinated release of
10,000 publisher-donated YA books into the top pediatric hospitals across
the country.

We now invite YA authors to celebrate Support Teen Lit Day with us.

How? Donate one copy of their book into their own community and join an
unprecedented online book bash: The TBD Post-Op Party.

Please feel free to forward this email to any authors who might be
interested in spreading the word about YA literature and teen literacy!

What To Do Now?

Authors, download a readergirlz/YALSA/TBD bookplate from the readergirlz
website (
) stating: “This book has
been graciously released by the author. Please read it with joy.” Paste this
bookplate into the book you plan to donate. Blog and bulletin about TBD and
your upcoming participation, and place the “I Rock the Drop” icon on your
site (

If you are a MySpace member, create buzz about your participation by joining
the readergirlz MySpace group forum(
Look for the thread in the group forum, “TBD Authors,” (click this link to
go to the thread) and post a reply that you plan to “Rock the Drop.”
Watch and participate in other readergirlz MySpace group forum TBD threads
as they are posted.
Drop a Book on April 17th
Leave one copy of your novel, with a TBD bookplate pasted inside, in a teen
gathering spot in your community. Place it where the book will be found,
taken, and read. (i.e. a coffee shop, the park, a community center, a bus

Join the TBD Post Op Party, April 17th We invite all participating authors
to join our online two-hour book party hosted at the readergirlz MySpace
forum (
), on April 17th (Support Teen
Literature Day), at 6-8pm Pacific/ 9-11pm Eastern. NOTE: you have to have
a MySpace account in order to participate. The chat will be in a thread
titled "TBD Post Op Party." The readergirlz divas will be giving away books
and prizes, chatting with teens, and offering hope.

With so many authors across the world participating at once with readers,
this will be an unprecedented event! This is the same day all 10,000
publisher-donated books will be dropped in pediatric hospitals across the
country, and it is the same day teen readers and librarians will have
released their own favorite books into their communities as you have.

Operation TBD has special meaning to the readergirlz divas. After
researching pediatric oncology wards for her novel GIRL OVERBOARD, Justina
Chen Headley spent a year purchasing autographed YA novels to donate to her
local Children’s Hospital, specifically because most hospitals do not have
comfort objects for teens. Lorie Ann Grover (ON POINTE) and Dia Calhoun
(AVIELLE OF RHIA) personally know the healing power of stories during
hospital stays, since they both live with chronic illness. Mitali Perkins
(WHITE HOUSE RULES) has recently joined the team and is eager to support a
readergirlz/YALSA special project. We all know that books can give teens
hope. Together, we can facilitate this exchange. If you have any questions,
I will be happy to answer them. Thanks for your consideration!

All the best,
Holly Cupala (author/readergirlz go2girl)

Barb Huff


readergirlz said...

Thanks, Sally, for spreading the news! There are bookplates for readers as well as authors, so everyone can participate.

Hope to see you at the TBD Post-Op party!

Lorie Ann Grover, readergirlz diva/author

raven said...

thats really good to hear that ... there are still people who are consoned about the things going on in the country... the work your doing is preety good and i call up all others to go through this blog... and help to spread teen litrecy