Sunday, March 23, 2008


Q - I wrote for the Christian market for years--fiction, articles, Bible studies, curriculum, VBS, etc. Due to family needs I've been out for 2-3 years. coming back, I find not much market for freelance. What's your advice on how to break in.

A - This is a common problem for those who drop out of the market--even for a short time. This market changes so quickly that by the time they get back, many of the markets they wrote for previously are out of business or have changed their use of freelancers. When the writer returns and tries to write for the same markets they sold to previously, they often find the doors closed--falsely believing that there is no market. At that point, they really need to study the market all over again and find those new markets that are now open to freelancers. I add dozens of new markets to the guide each year--which is why it's important to get a new copy every year.

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