Thursday, August 20, 2009


Christian Ed. Publishers has a new blog: Page 83.

Friends United Press is no longer open to fiction. Page 100.

Gollehon Press is now open to fiction submissions for teens and adults, especially science fiction or mystery/suspense. Page 100.

Kirk House Publishers is open to adult fiction through their Quill House Publishers imprint. Page 113.

Quiet Waters Publications: No longer a subsidy publisher. Page 165.

The following book publishers have ceased publication or are no longer open to freelance:
** Big Idea Inc. (books): No freelance. Page 76.

** The Dabbling Mum Press: Out of business. Page 90.

** Faith Communications: Out of Business. Page 96.

** Kregel Kidzone: Asked to be dropped as a separate listing. See Kregel Books. Page 113.

** Regnery Publishing: No freelance. Page 138.

** Shoreline: No freelance. Page 141.

** Skysong Press: Out of business. Page 141.

** Synergy Publishers: Out of business. Page 167.

** Testimony Press: Out of business. Page 168.

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