Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wesleyan Publishing House: Drop Lawrence Wilson as editorial director. Page 151.

The Annals of St. Anne: Fr. Guy Derochers, C.Ss.R. is now editor; Fr. Bernard Mercier, C.Ss.R. is now interim managing editor. Page 267.

: Alton Pelowski, managing editor. Website: www.kofc.org/columbia. Page 286.

: Megan Austin is new assistant editor. Page 287.

Messianic Perspective: Rachel Zanardi, editor; fax 210-226-2140; rachelz@cjfm.org. Page 322.

Wesleyan Life: Dr. Ronald D. Kelly is new general editor. Page 351.

Kid Zone: Laura Lohberger (lslohberger@wordaction.com) is new assistant editor. Page 358.

Skipping Stones: Drop Nina Forsberg as assistant editor. Page 362.

Light From the Word: Drop Lawrence W. Wilson as editorial director. Page 372.

Lausanne World Pulse: Laurie Fortunak, editorial coordinator. This is a non-paying market. Page 375.

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