Monday, August 24, 2009


Designer Greetings: No freelance. Page 439.

Novo Card Publishers: 7570 N. Croname Rd., Niles IL 60714-3904. Page 440.

World Library Publications: 847-233-2800; Page 441.

Alfred Manzier Inc.: 3527—35th St., Astoria NY 1106-1608. Page 442.

These Three, Inc.: Out of business. Page 442.

Cactus Game Design: No freelance. Page 442.

Greenacre Workshop: Toll-free number 877-733-3276. Drop the first e-mail listed. Page 444.

Lighthouse Christian Products: No freelance. Page 444.

Powermark Comics: No freelance. Page 444.

Zondervan New Media (software) is now Zondervan Digital Media. Page 445.

Zondervan New Media (Video/DVD) is now Zondervan Audio and Video. Page 446.

New e-mail at Russ Doughten Films is: Page 446.

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