Thursday, August 20, 2009


The Writer’s Notebook
Marcella Simmons, Publisher
106 Fletcher Dr.
Logansport, La. 71049

An online magazine for beginning poets and writers, published every 2 months (debuting in September 2009). We encourage new writers to subscribe to this online magazine and start writing today. We need manuscripts (ASAP) by August 25th for our first issue. No payment for now.

We encourage writers to write book reviews on magazines and books for writers – anything pertaining to writing. How-to’s are especially needed. Geared to new writers. EMAIL submissions ONLY to:

HOW-TO’s & Features: (250-1500 words) How to break into print, how to write feature stories for magazines and ezines, hot to write feature stories, etc., etc.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: (250-1000 words) How I became a Writer, etc.

FILLERS: (50-250 words) My First Sales, etc.

Rights revert to the author after we delete off our web site. We accept previously published material. Manuscripts must be emailed to us by the 25th of each month.

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