Tuesday, August 4, 2009


KD Gospel Media Magazine, 18 Pavilion St., Ste. 3, Hartford Ct
06120; deanne@kdgmmag.com; www.kdgmmag.com. To bring the God
perspective into the homes of our readers in a motivating and encouraging
way. Deanne Williams, editor. Open to unsolicited freelance.

The Quilldriver, P.O. Box 573, Clarksville AR 72830; phone/fax 479-497-0321; info@thequilldriver.com; www.thequilldriver.com. Donna Lee Schillinger, publisher. Inspirational nonfiction directed at young adults (17-25). Publishes 3 titles/yr. 85% of books from first-time authors. No mss through agents. Would consider reprinting books. Prefers 200 pages. Royalties; $500 advance. Considers simultaneous submissions. Responds in 8 weeks. Guidelines by e-mail; catalog for #10 SAE/1 stamp. Nonfiction: Query first; or proposal/2 chapters; e-query OK. "Most open to books that are hip--must resonate with young adults."

The JC Reporter, 3190 Lancaster Dr. N.E., Salem OR 97305; 503-316-1220; fax
503-585-7228; cindy@thejctown.com; www.thejctown.com. Cindy Smith, publisher.
Combined with radio & Web, we spread the Word and encourage, equip, and unite
the local Body of Christ. Monthly & online newspaper. 70% unsolicited freelance;
30% assigned. Query/clips; fax/e-query OK. Accepts full mss by e-mail (attached
file). Pays $25-75 for one-time rights. Articles to 700 words. (100/yr.); fiction to 700 words. (100/yr.); reviews 200 words, pays $10. Responds in 4-6 weeks. Seasonal 2 months ahead. Accepts simultaneous submissions & reprints (tell when/where
appeared). Guidelines by e-mail; copy for 10x13 SAE/$2 postage. Poetry: Accepts
24/yr. Any type; no payment . Submit any number.Fillers: Accepts many/yr. All types;
300-500 words. Columns/Departments: Buys many/yr. Query or complete ms, $20-50.

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