Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recently Robin Jones Gunn, best-selling and award-winning author of the Christy Miller Series and the Sisterchicks Series, gave in to overwhelming requests from her readers to open an online store. Gunn's online shop opened June 20 at with more than 680 items sold in seven weeks and a miniature surfboard keychain (the Christy Miller Series takes place in Newport Beach, Calif.) topped the list.

"It took a year to pull together the funds to do this," says the author, who has more than 4 million books in print. The store offers not only clothing and items connected to the characters and themes of her books but also most of her books. "I know that a bookstore can't carry all 70 books that I've written, so while I always encourage readers to check with their local bookstore, for the reader who can't find what she's looking for in her community, Robin's Nest Online Shop is an alternative."

Join Robin on Facebook Gunn/110691292261?ref=ts for a special Summer Promise Party from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm PDT on Friday, August 14th.

On August 15th for ONE DAY ONLY visitors to Robin's Nest Shop can receive a free MP3 download of Summer Promise, the first book in the Christy Miller Series for teens.

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Sheila Deeth said...

I wandered over there to look. It's a really nice store.