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As you know, I am gradually attempting to put together a package of services available for sisters who are on assignment for our Lord and Savior! One was a webtv platform for speakers and another service is publishing for writers. I have a couple of other things that will be unfolding in the months to come as well but for now I unfold to you “On Assignment Publishing” Company.

It was prophesied over my husband and I that writing was in our future right in the midst of our taking steps to enter into the publishing business. How about that?!!! We have been in the process of becoming a publisher not a self publisher but a real publisher for some time now. We now have our printer and our distribution network in place. Our customers’ books will appear on and be available to be ordered by bookstores just like any other publisher. Their book will appear on the distributors’ catalogs just like what you are accustomed to from other publishers.

We are still looking for another editor, another graphic person for our book cover designs and someone to help us with layout of the manuscripts for printing preparation. We have people but we are looking for backup for outsourcing these stages of the printing process. We also are looking for someone to write our Press Releases for our customers’ books. If you know of anyone who might be able to help in these areas as an independent contractor, I would appreciate your having them contact me. Also, any one you know who might be looking for a publisher may submit their manuscripts to us for consideration for printing. We are working out of our church building and the address to send book proposals and manuscripts to is “On Assignment Publishing 328 E. 24th Street, Lumberton, NC 28358. We will have our editor helping us in our selection of who to publish, however, we are open to any topic that glorifies God.

Thank you for your prayers over our new venture! The publishing company is called “On Assignment Publishing”.

Sarah Goebel
"Empowering with truth for extraordinary living"

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sharon said...

I hope you remember me, Sharon Akins. We were at Manna together but Bill and I moved to Colorado in 2007.
I listened for the first time your radio sister time. I took 3 pages of notes and cannot wait to check out the websites your guests have for more information. What a wonderful hour! Beats turning on the television anytime. I felt like I had friends with me in my living room. So, the first place I wanted to check out was your website. I am so excited to see all God has done. And with that I want to share what has been on my heart. Bill and I are still ministering to men working through sexual addiction and the wife who has been betrayed-Called 2 Conquer.
We have always found wonderful material to use in our support groups but have had in the back of our mind that we need to write our own material.
Even as I consider writing this I realize that I am also making a declaration. For years God has set it on my heart to write a workbook for women to help them walk through healing from betrayal due to their husbands sexual addiction. You may or may not remember the support groups that were birthed while we attended Manna called, Called 2 Conquer. The groups are still going strong but Bill and I now live in Colorado where we are starting new groups. I have stacks of materials that I have used as well as what I have written that I need to get in an organized workbook. To organize all this is kind of foreign to me. First of all, I want to know if you could direct me to helps on first time writing (writing for dummies?), then want to know if you could have your team look at the project when completed. All the help you could give me would be very helpful. Most of all Bill and I really need your prayers as we finally move forward with getting all the years and experience down on paper, organized. Thanks soo much and May the Lord Bless you and On Assignment Publishing Company.

sharon akins