Saturday, August 22, 2009


A free service, Reporter's Source, connects journalists and other members of the media with businesses and individuals for stories, shows, and more.

Reporter's Source is a family run business of industry professionals who have combined their talents to provide a quick and easy service for reporters facing a deadline, casting agents looking for new talent, and businesses or individuals trying to expand their market impact.

If you are interested in potentially becoming a source for a journalist, simply subscribe to the newsletter (which you can do on the homepage). You'll receive a daily email containing inquiries from members of the media, and if you have information pertaining to their inquiry, you can send over a brief synopsis of information that Reporter's Source will forward to the journalist.

How it works for journalists and other members of the media: They simply fill out the "Find A Source" form found on the Reporter's Source homepage.

The site also includes a message board where members can post story ideas for reporters, as well as a separate section listing ongoing writer requests.

Reporter's Source
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